• 6 Interesting Facts about Plumbing

    on a plan of a house there is work tools and work equipment

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  • What to Do When Your Plumbing Stinks

    Mathews plumbing in Shelley

    9/28/15 By: Karli Willden Dealing with Odors from your Plumbing One item within your home that is often taken for granted is indoor plumbing. As it has been a mainstay in construction for almost 100 years, and its basic technological premise has remained unchanged for a large portion of that time, it is often overlooked. However, there are various odor issues that can ...

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  • Plumbing Project in Dubois, WY

    Dubois, Wyoming Mathew’s Plumbing is located in Shelley, Idaho, but we travel to various locations in the Snake Valley of Eastern Idaho and on occasion, Wyoming. This recent heating and plumbing project took our crew all the way to Dubois, Wyoming, located about three and a half hours from our office in Shelley. We also carry out plumbing, heating, and cooling projects ...

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  • What Not to Put Down Garbage Disposal

    Kitchen Sinks Idaho Falls

    Sometimes the sink disposal is used for all the wrong reasons. Many people think if you have old food in the your refrigerator, you can put it down the garbage disposal with no worries. WRONG. This type of thinking can cause lots of plumbing issues by putting the wrong things down the pipes. While the disposal can grind the food, ...

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  • Water Leaks: Detection & Issues

    Bathroom Sinks Idaho Falls

    Water leaks in your home can be costly if not caught in advance. From high water bills, to home damage repairs and more, you will want to catch a leak long before it becomes a major issue. At Mathews Plumbing we offer licensed Idaho Falls plumbers at your service. For plumbing issues or suspected leaking problems, give us a call ...

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  • How to Cut Down On Your Heating Bill

    Rexburg Heating Bill

    We have all been in the situation where we have opened the heating bill to find more digits than we were expecting. We may wonder why the bill may be so high or what we can do to lower the bill next time. The good news is there are many small things which can be done to lower your next ...

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