• Summer Maintenance Tips

    Silver faucet with blue green background. Tips for summer plumbing maintenance

    5/22/2018 Now that the winter is over, it’s time to check up on your plumbing. Harsh winter months can take a toll on your pipes, causing unprotected pipes to easily freeze, crack, and burst. Make this summer stress free by checking now for cracks and burst pipes before the damage gets worse. Check for Leaks If your home has had pipes freeze and ...

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  • Keep Your Home Cool

    Ice cream bars, tips to keep your home cool in summer with Mathew's Plumbing

    5/4/2018 Summer is just around the corner! Everyone’s ready for backyard BBQs, ice cream, and pool days, but what about the heat? Along with high temperatures, summer brings a never-ending search for ways to cool down, running the air conditioning all day, and high energy costs. View Mathews’ Cooling options. Mathews Plumbing has a few tricks up their sleeves to help you easily ...

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  • 3 Ways to Fix a Clogged Toilet

    4/13/2018 Are you struggling with a clogged toilet? If you’re trying to flush your toilet and nothing happens, or the bowl fills with water, don’t worry! As inconvenient and annoying as it is, toilet emergencies are a fact of life, and most can be easily fixed. With a couple easy steps, your toilet will soon be functioning properly. Easily Unclog a Toilet If ...

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  • Save 50% on Heating This Winter

    Insulate windows to save money on heating costs in the winter

    2/13/2018 Is your heating bill stressing you out this winter? Save money on heating! Heating your home in the winter can be expensive, and 42 percent of the average American’s utility bill is solely from heating costs. As the weather gets cooler, don’t waste all of your money overworking your heating system. Most of these costs are due to wasted energy that can ...

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  • Infographic: Winterize Your Home For The Cold

    10/4/2017 Winter is coming! The cold, winter months can cause some devastating damage to your home, it’s important to prepare your home to prevent this damage. We’ll show you how to winterize your home with 6 simple steps you can do today.  #1 Have a Generator Cold weather often causes power outages in many communities. In case of this emergency, a generator will ...

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  • Choosing The Right Water Heater

    Water Heater

    9/5/2017 By: Kathryn Hyer   The average family uses anywhere between 28 to 56 gallons of hot water per day. With all of this water usage, perhaps one of the most important and overlooked appliances is the water heater. No one seems to notice the water heater until it breaks, leaving you with nothing but cold water, and a broken heater to replace. Hot ...

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