Infographic: Winterize Your Home For The Cold

Winterize Your Home with tips from Mathew's Plumbing

Infographic: Winterize Your Home For The Cold


Winter is coming! The cold, winter months can cause some devastating damage to your home, it’s important to prepare your home to prevent this damage. We’ll show you how to winterize your home with 6 simple steps you can do today. 

#1 Have a Generator

Cold weather often causes power outages in many communities. In case of this emergency, a generator will allow you to use a space heater to keep your home warm until power comes back on. Don’t risk the cold, save your family with an emergency generator.

#2 Blow Out Pipes

In extreme cold, water in pipes are vulnerable to quickly freezing. When this water freezes, it expands in the pipes and can cause detrimental damage to piping systems. To prevent this, shut off all outdoor water and drain all pipes to remove any excess water and prevent future damage.

#3 Maintain Your Chimney

Winter is the only time of year chimneys are usually used, they are usually ignored the rest of the year. When the chimney is being constantly used, dirt, dust, and creosote, a by product of wood burning can build up. These materials are all highly flammable and as they get stuck in the chimney and flue,  can easily catch fire from the fireplace. To minimize the chance of a chimney fire,  clean your chimney regularly, especially before winter when it will be heavily used. 

#4 Seal Window Gaps

Warm air from inside your home escapes through gaps in windows and doors, also allowing cold air to come indoors. To save money on heating and keep your home warm, seal all windows and apply weather stripping to door gaps. 

#5 Clean Out Gutters

In the fall months, leaves and sticks constantly fall and can easily get stuck in places you don’t always notice, like your roof and rain gutters. Rain gutters are essential in removing snow run off after winter. Before winter hits, clean rain gutters of debris to prevent blockage and leakage problems.

#6 Hire a Plumber

No one knows the effects winter has on a home than your local plumbing and heating experts. Mathews Plumbing is ready to inspect your home’s winter readiness and help you best prepare for the winter months. Call Mathews Plumbing at 208-357-3439 to ensure that your home is prepped for the cold winter months. 

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