How to Keep Your Home Cool

Ice cream bars, tips to keep your home cool in summer with Mathew's Plumbing

How to Keep Your Home Cool


Summer is just around the corner! Everyone’s ready for backyard BBQs, ice cream, and pool days, but what about the heat?

Along with high temperatures, summer brings a never-ending search for ways to cool down, running the air conditioning all day, and high energy costs. View Mathews’ Cooling options.

Mathews Plumbing has a few tricks up their sleeves to help you easily handle the heat this summer. Keep your home cool with these simple tricks.

1. Seal Doors & Windows

sealing windows to better insulate your home

You might not realize it, but exterior doors, windows, and roofs constantly leak air out of your home. It’s important to seal any cracks in your window and door frames to ensure the cool air your HVAC unit is working hard to make stays inside.

If you have a window A/C unit, make sure to seal and insulate the empty space between the unit and window frame. Side panels and insulation are easy ways to seal this space.

2. Protect Your Windows

The summer sun can quickly heat up the inside of your home, especially with heat rays that come in through window panes. These heat rays add extra heat inside your home, so it’s important to shade your windows and prevent further heat from coming in.
An easy fix is using a low-emission film on your window panes to block off heat and keep cool air in. This film is especially effective on south facing windows that are most prone to sunlight.

Closing the blinds, shutters, or curtains on the south side of your home will also reduce sun exposure and naturally cool your home.

Curtains and shutters can shade heat coming in from windows

3. Maintain Your Air Conditioning

If you are running your cooling unit extra hard to fight the heat, you probably have build up in your ducts and filters, along with other issues only a professional eye can spot. Getting your unit checked every other year will save you a lot of grief when your overworked A/C breaks on a hot summer day.

Contact Mathews Plumbing to schedule a time to have your A/C unit professionally inspected.

When away from home, you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees or completely off to give the unit a break. Doing so will also save a few dollars on your energy bill.

How to keep your home cool with a Programmable Thermostat, plumbers idaho falls

4. Replace Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced regularly, about every 6-12 months. An old air filter will clog ducts, forcing your cooling system to work harder.
Failing to regularly change your filter allows dirt to leave the filter and re-enter the air in your home. Make sure there is no debris in your air filters for healthy, cool air.

5. Change Your Fan

Changing the direction of your fan will drastically change the temperature of your home. In the winter months, ceiling fans should be adjusted to spin clockwise to circulate rising heat back down into the room.
Now the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to adjust the fan again. Adjust the ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise to create a cool breeze in the room. A counter-clockwise spinning fan can make the room feel 10 degrees cooler and save money on central cooling.

The direction your fan should spin in winter and summer, how to keep your home cool

6. Cook Outside

During the summer months, try to cook outside the home more often. Using the oven inside can quickly heat your home, drastically changing the indoor temperature.

Get the most out of pleasant, summer evenings by spending time BBQing outside instead of releasing even more heat inside your home.

7. Air Conditioning Alternatives

To save money on air conditioning, there are a few excellent alternatives that work just as well and are less expensive.Whole house fan in the attic can save money in the summer and cool your home

One option is a whole house fan, which is placed in the attic or the ceiling of your top floor. The whole house fan brings air from the outside and ventilates it to cool the whole house. This fan can save energy and save money on air conditioning.

Evaporative coolers are another effective way to cool your home on a budget. This system pulls air from the outside and with the help of evaporated water, blows cool air and humidity into the home. It works best in dry areas and uses less electricity, saving you a lot of money in the summer.

Keep your home cool this summer by following these few simple tricks.


For more information about how to keep your home cool in the summer, contact Mathews Plumbing and check out their Idaho air conditioning options. Call us at 208-357-3439!