What is Backflow?

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What is Backflow?

Plumbing is such an integral part of any building and prevention of backflow problems is within everyone’s best interest. Mathews Plumbing & Heating is fully aware of how backflow is a problem better avoided and prevented. As a way to help make sure that backflow doesn’t occur, Mathews Plumbing & Heating offers premier backflow prevention.

What is Backflow?

While it isn’t inevitable for back flow to occur, it is an event that is better when prevented. Back flow is when the water in your pipes should be flowing one way but a series of circumstances stop the pipes from correctly draining the water and it end up flowing backwards. Think of it as two showers on different levels. The shower on the higher level, if not draining properly, can cause the lower shower to fill with its dirty water due to backflow. Backflow occurs when a liquid, such as water, is forced to flow opposite its normal flow.

Why Does Backflow Occur?

Water systems are designed to apply the correct amount of pressure to ensure the water flow goes to the appropriate valves, appliances, and faucets and not backwards. When that pressure is interrupted or lessened to a significant point, the lack of pressure allows the water to flow opposite of its design function. This can be caused by broken or frozen pipelines or a high demand on the available water.

Backflow Prevention

In order to prevent back flow from occurring, a device is installed to regulate and ensure that dirty water doesn’t go where it shouldn’t. The best prevention for back flow is to create air gaps or spaces between devices that open to plumbing. Be sure your back flow prevention is current and still doing its job properly so you don’t have to deal with the dirty water of back flow. Mathews Plumbing offers quality backflow prevention services, so that you don’t have to worry about the status of your plumbing.

If you need help with Backflow problems, let Mathews Plumbing take your stresses away. Request a plumber today.