• Infographic: Winterize Your Home For The Cold

    Winterize Your Home with tips from Mathew's Plumbing

    10/4/2017 Winter is coming! The cold, winter months can cause some devastating damage to your home, it’s important to prepare your home to prevent this damage. We’ll show you how to winterize your home with 6 simple steps you can do today.  #1 Have a Generator Cold weather often causes power outages in many communities. In case of this emergency, a generator will ...

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  • Choosing The Right Water Heater

    Household gas boiler on blue background 3d illustration

    9/5/2017 By: Kathryn Hyer   The average family uses anywhere between 28 to 56 gallons of hot water per day. With all of this water usage, perhaps one of the most important and overlooked appliances is the water heater. No one seems to notice the water heater until it breaks, leaving you with nothing but cold water, and a broken heater to replace. Hot ...

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  • 6 Ways To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning

    Programmable thermostat to save money on heating costs

    8/4/2017 By: Kathryn Hyer   It’s summertime in Southeast Idaho, and chances are your air conditioning bill isn’t the only thing making you sweat. The average AC bill during summer months can be as high as $120, posing the question of how to stay cool without breaking the bank. Read below to learn seven ways to save money on your air conditioning ...

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  • 6 Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

    Sunglasses on beach, get ready for summer with HVAC Idaho falls

    7/5/2017 By: Kathryn Hyer   Summertime is here, and you know what that means! Kids are running around, grass sprinklers are always in use, and there are cookouts galore. While summertime is fun and exciting, there are a few plumbing issues which are more prevalent during this season than any other. Read below to know what these problems are and how to avoid ...

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  • Conserving Water On A Daily Basis

    Water running in kitchen, plumber idaho falls id

    6/13/17 By: Kathryn Hyer   We use water everyday, for multiple reasons. From brushing our teeth and taking showers to cooking and doing the dishes, our use of water is pretty consistent. How much water are we really using, and how much of an impact is it making on our water supply? Everyday water usage has become a part of our everyday lives, ...

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  • 4 Easy Ways To Fix Hair Clogged Drains

    Close-up of hair clogging a sink drain.

    5/30/2017 By: Kathryn Hyer The normal human sheds an average of 100 to 125 hairs each day. Whether you know it or not, this consistent loss of hair gets into your drains and adds to drainage problems in your showers, tubs, and sinks. Long hairs are especially more likely to clog drains, and can lead to other extensive plumbing problems down the ...

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