Water Leaks: Detection & Issues

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Water Leaks: Detection & Issues

By: Karli Willden

Water leaks in your home can be costly if not caught in advance. From high water bills, to home damage repairs and more, you will want to catch a leak long before it becomes a major issue. At Mathews Plumbing we offer licensed Idaho Falls plumbers at your service. For plumbing issues or suspected leaking problems, give us a call and we can assure the problem is inspected properly. Let us help you recognize the signs of a leak and help you to prevent a major water leak, before it becomes too late.

Signs of Water Leaks in Pipes 

  • Slow Leaking Pipes
  • Mold
  • Water Damage
  • Flaking or Peeling Paint
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Broken seals on pipes
  • Water Stains, Loose Flooring
  • High Water Bills


If your home or business has one or any of the previous signs listed above, contact a plumber near you today. Mathews Plumbing offers Idaho Falls plumbing solutions for every plumbing problem today.

Water Leak Issues 

Mold: Areas more exposed to water or humidity will have a higher chance of growing mold. Mold releases harmful toxins in the air which could result in more serious health problems. If you own a business mold can be a major threat, because it can shut you down if the issue is left unresolved. It is important to prevent or resolve issues with mold as soon as you are aware of them. Also be aware that not all surfaces are the same. Some surfaces are more water absorbent than others, thus speeding up mold growth. 

Water Damage: A leaking pipe can be the cause a multitude of problems, but water damage can be one of the more costly issues. If there is a water leak in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the house which goes undetected, your floors or ceilings are at high risk for water damage and may need replacement. Carpet and sheetrock replacement can be a high cost expenditure, so prevent water damage today through a  simple plumbing inspection. 

High Water Bills: With a continual leaking pipe you can expect a higher water bill. To prevent a higher water bill, your pipes should be inspected immediately. 

Water Waste: Not only will you have a higher water bill with a pipe leak, but you will also have water waste you are paying for. Areas where there is water shortages or water rationing should be especially careful with water leaks and water waste. 

How to Find & Handle the Water Leak 

There are several different approaches you can take if you suspect a water leak on your hands. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is to act quickly and take even small issues seriously before they can become disastrous.

Check Water Pressure : If you suspect a water leak or a broken pipe in your house, there are a couple of ways to check. One way is to check the water pressure. This can be done by turning off all the water in the house, all the faucets and the shutoff valves, and then check to see if the dial has moved. If so, you have a water leak in the supply.

Locate the Leak: There are several places you can check to see if your home has a water leak. The first place you can check is to look under all the kitchen or bathroom sinks. It is not uncommon for there to be water leaks under the sinks, as pipes may wear out with age. Next, check for leaky toilets or a lack of shower pressure, as these may sometimes be the issue. Continue your inspection throughout the house, checking all the likely water sources. If you find areas with water stains, mold or rotting wood, paint flaking, or bulges in the ceiling, then you will need to act quickly.

Dry the Area: Once you have found the source of the leak, take measures to dry the wet area. Use a towel to dry the area, open the cupboards, and place a fan to dry the area. Place a water collector under the leak it until it can be fixed. Make sure the water is wiped up and kept dry to prevent mold from growing.

Contact Your Idaho Falls Plumber: Once you have located the leaking source, contact your local Idaho Falls plumber immediately for a proper inspection. In the end there will be less costs and damages if the plumbing problem can be taken care of immediately. For questions, concerns, or to schedule an inspection with one of Mathews Plumbing licensed plumbers, give us a call at 208-357-3439.