When to Get Your Pipes Checked

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When to Get Your Pipes Checked

Looking down at your feet, you see that the water is no longer draining. You watch as the level of water rises towards the edge of the shower. You shower faster, trying to beat the impending flood threatening to overflow out onto the bathroom floor. Hurrying to turn off the water, you step out of the newly formed lake, and turn to glare at the drain. The glaring turns into a one-sided staring contest as you look for any sign that it’ll start draining again.

Giving up, you turn away and hurry off to get ready for the day. It’s only after you return later do you find the shower finally free of the watery lake of a puddle you’d left. Sighing, you grab the Drano under the sink and dump even more down the drain. “Maybe that will last for a little longer than last time.”

Is there a bigger problem?

If this sounds familiar, in any way, it’s time to call a licensed Idaho Falls plumber to fix a possibly minor problem before it has a chance to get any bigger. Looking at that drain, you start to wonder if that pool of water is a sign of a bigger problem than Drano can’t fix. How are you supposed to know? You may say to yourself, “It costs money to have a plumber come over to simply look at your drain and say hey I could charge you a bit of cash you can’t afford to give away to fix this pipe or you can keep throwing Drano down the pipes.”

Clogged pipes are a fact of life that often show themselves when you really don’t have the time to deal with it. With sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, fridges, water heaters, and more, there are so many places that plumbing could go wrong. Even a small little crack causes problems. If anything goes wrong with the plumbing in any of these household necessities you definitely notice.


Can it Wait?

How long can you delay getting the pipes fixed before a really big problem erupts?when to replace your pipes, Rexburg Plumbing

Here are some bits of advice from Mathews Plumbing to help you stop a small problem before it turns into a big event:

  • Be aware of any changes that might preclude a problem.
  • If a drain is repeatedly getting clogged it’s no longer a job for your Drano.
  • If you find yourself using the plunger more often than not.

When you call up your plumber what do you really want to hear? How soon can they get around to your problem? Are you put on a list with the hope they will manage to get to you before the week is over? Mathews Plumbing will be there to help you with any problem you come up against in regards to your plumbing. They can be there in one business day to let you get back to your busy schedule and life. As a smaller company Mathews Plumbing is able to provide good competitive prices that easily compete with the big brand-name companies and bring you the satisfaction you are looking for. Mathews will leave you better off then you started.