5 Tips to Avoid a Clogged Toilet

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5 Tips to Avoid a Clogged Toilet

By: Karli Willden

With the holidays in full swing, there will be more parties, more food and unfortunately more plumbing problems. While clogged toilets are sometimes unavoidable, there are some things to keep in mind to prevent another blockage.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Watch what you flush! Plumbing Shelley

Well, not literally, but before then. While the toilet may seem like a second disposal to you or your children, it should be used only for natural waste and toilet paper; everything else should be disposed elsewhere. Whether it’s food or feminine sanitary napkins, tissues or floss, hair or plastic, these should should be disposed in the trash. Materials should be able to dissolve in water, but this does not mean to go flushing diapers down the toilet. Cotton from feminine products or other facial wipes get caught in the pipes. A clogged toilet is not worth the convenience of using it for other things.

Avoid too much toilet paper.Plumbing Shelley

If the toilet won’t flush, individuals are probably using more toilet paper then they need. Big wads of toilet paper, along with the wrong type of tissues and napkins, can easily get stuck in pipes and cause plugging. It does not take much to clog a drain or a toilet, so be sparing in your use of toilet paper. Use enough to get the job done, but don’t over do it.

Keep an eye on little children around toilets. Plumbing Shelley

Often toys, pencils and other household objects end up in the toilet, causing costly fixes. Shut the bathroom door, close the lid of the toilet and listen for your children. After all, it’s not the most sanitary place for your children to be playing anyway. Fingers can be smashed and other unwanted messes can be the result of children playing around the toilet area.

Avoid placing items on back of the toilet.Bathroom Sinks Idaho Falls

With the toilet lid open, it is easy for items sitting on the back of the toilet to be knocked off and fall in. Place the decorations from the back of the toilet to maybe the countertop instead. It’s not worth it getting ruined by falling off the back of the toilet, and possibly getting stuck inside. Be cautious and aware of the costly fixes that come from items that fall in the toilet.

Avoid using the restroom immediately after someone else.

A toilet with weak water pressure, will likely plug more often. Toilets that have weak water pressure and are flushed frequently, will likely not flush when it’s your turn. Give the toilet enough time to refill with enough water for the next use. Every toilet is different, so the time you will need to wait before the next use will depend on the toilet. Sometimes it can take 15 minutes, other times it can take less or more time. Just be aware of the water pressure needed for a good flush.

If your toilet clogs frequently, the toilet may need to be checked by a licensed plumber. Older toilets will plug more frequently and may need to be replaced. There also may be problems with the toilet piping, which may need inspection. For more questions or help with your plumbing issues, contact Mathew’s Plumbing at 208-357-3439.